05 Jul

What to look for before purchasing Mexican Spanish translation


If you invest thousands if not millions of dollars in your marketing communications, each translation carries the full weight of that investment. Your total satisfaction is not an option; it is the standard you have a right to expect.

But what if you don’t speak Mexican Spanish? How do you know the translator got it right? Make sure the translator is never the final judge. His or her work should be evaluated, edited and proofed by another translation professional fluent in both languages and native in the source language.

Do you know who your translator is? The problem with working with mega-sized translation companies is that often it’s impossible to know who is doing the work. You should insist on working with a translator that is well-educated. Translation involves writing and good writing requires clear and concise thinking. The more educated the translator the better their writing skills are likely to be.

What should you pay for authentic Mexican Spanish translation? Rates vary greatly depending upon the source and target languages and the region where the work is being done. Keep one cardinal rule in mind: high-quality, trustworthy and authentic translation usually doesn’t come at the lowest price. The best Mexico translators are seasoned professionals and their work doesn’t come cheap.

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